Dr. Asha Prasad

Creating True Health as A High Achiever 

Session Speakers & Trainers

Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel

Author, International Speaker & Relationship Coach

Tarah Long is the creator of the Heal Yourself Now Master Class and host of the Wide Awakened Healing Podcast.

She works with people who experience anxiety, panic attacks and depression to take their power back, heal themselves, and change their world. Tarah is a transformational coach that guides her clients to awaken their inner healer on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. She is also a hypnotherapist, energy healer, and expert in nutrition and natural healing.

She has a BS from the University of Minnesota in Kinesiology, and a Master’s of Oriental Medicine from the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin, TX. 

Stephanie has been shepherding American authors through the publishing maze for the past ten years. Her expertise has been published in Writers’ Digest, Southern Writers Magazine, and San Francisco Book Review. Stephanie has presented at Historical Novel Society North America, Women Writing the West,Oklahoma Writers Federation, and Texas Book Festival. SXSW Interactive is considering her as a Mentor-Speaker for 2017.

Emily Nichols-Mitchell is the Founder and CEO of Accelerations Group LLC. She offers empowerment, transformational coaching and consulting to entrepreneurs and business executives.

As the chief executive brand strategist, she coaches successful professionals all over the world from entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies to accelerate their brand and actualize their business and career goals. She specializes in helping clients accelerate their personal and executive brand as well as presence so that they can accelerate their business, career, and life.

Lisa Grunden

S.A.S.S. Reclamation Coach, Author and Speaker

Heather Ann Havenwood, CEO of Havenwood Worldwide, LLC and Chief Sexy Boss, is a serial entrepreneur and is regarded as a top authority on internet marketing, business strategies and  marketing. Since marketing her first online business in 1999, bringing together clients and personal coaches, she has played an active role in the online marketing world since before most even had a home computer. In 2006 she started, developed and grew an online information marketing publishing company from ground zero to over $1 million in sales in less than 12 months.

Starting without a list, a product, a name or an offer, Heather Ann molded her client into a successful guru now known as an expert in his field.

She has produced and managed over 350 seminars and events and hosted tele-seminars.  Heather Ann currently is the Author of…Sexy Boss: How the empowerment of women is changing the Rule Book for sex, money and success   and The Game of Dating and How to Play it: A rule book for divorced men stepping back into the game.

She had practiced yoga for 17 years in 2013. It wasn't until Emily resigned from a job that had been holding her back on many levels and began teaching yoga that she realized the full potency of her practice. In addition to private yoga instruction, Emily uses the principles of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and home organizing to help other women to align their inner and outer worlds in a way that allows them to live from their fullest potential.

Els' passion is meeting incredible women, who want to discover what they’re really capable of. Who want to create the business that is in their head, and that scares them silly, and yet won’t go away. Who want to be happy, live their purpose on a daily basis, and bring in however much money they dream of for their business. They want to do all of this, in a brilliant, yet balanced way.

Last year she qualified as a Professionally Certified Coach with iPec.

Dr. Mary Wingo

Stress management specialist

Heather Havenwood

'Icon Creator' & the 'Wizard Behind the Curtain' Making You a Sexy Boss

Mary Wingo was born in the United States where she earned a Ph.D. in human stress research from The University of North Texas. In 2014, She emigrated to Ecuador, a tiny country in South America. Living in a new and very different society opened her eyes to the unsustainable social, economic, and political costs preventable stress causes in the modern world.

Dr. Wingo's aim is to clearly explain to the public the biological mechanisms behind the stress response, as well as its staggering costs to society.

Lisa Fitzpatrick is the go-to coach for high-achieving, spiritual, entrepreneurial women who would like to find their soul purpose, gain greater visibility and share their message with a wider audience. She is a specialist in sustainable business practices and loves supporting women to grow their online and offline presence. As a best-selling author and founder of Sacred Women’s Business, Lisa believes that when women tap into their feminine wisdom, the feminine shift restores balance and equality and helps to heal our troubled world.

From kindergarten classrooms to corporate boardrooms, Kathryn has inspired tens of thousands of individuals to improve their health and happiness. Kathryn is constantly admired for her effective and fun wellness education. Never wanting to be perceived as the food police or convey guilt, Kathryn uses positive messages as well as games and activities to bring lessons to life.

She is the founder and executive director of Nurture, a national nonprofit that provides nutrition and wellness education to children and adults. Kathryn also collaborates through several health initiatives such as Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move, the Center for Science in the Public Interest and the Wellness Council of America.

Scott has appeared on Oprah. Oprah said, “If Scott can do it, I can do it and so can you! He has also appeared on Fox News and Coast to Coast Radio. Scott has also spoken for the women’s organization “Dress for Success” at their “Leadership Conference” and their “International Success Summit”. He has also spoken for many companies.

Zaza Giroday helps women entrepreneurs get more clients with media exposure and authority branding strategies that exponentially boosts online visibility, positions them as the go-to person in their industry and leaves competition at the gate.

With over 15 years of helping international businesses with communication and branding, her clients get guaranteed tangible results that increase their brand equity and leverages their reach.

Laurie Burton

International Innovator, Author and Dynamic Communicator

Carla has been a licensed Hair dresser for over 30 years and a Business owner for 20.  Along with owning her own business Carla has created a skin and scalp product, “Scalp Refresh”, which has helped countless client’s with dry and itchy scalp and additionally works as a topical analgesic agent.

Carla also markets her inspirational T-shirts surrounding inner beauty, self-love, and forgiveness.

La Resa Edwards

Political speaker and grassroots educator

Janice Hoffman

Life-Relationship Coach

Michelle Curtis-Bailey

Higher Education Professional, speaker and strategist

Michelle Curtis-Bailey is a higher education professional, sought after speaker and strategist on many topics surrounding higher education, navigating the college application process and teaching students how to maximize their resources to launch into their professional careers.

Michelle’s purposeful mission is to empower individuals to make transformational decisions that would equip them to cultivate personal responsibility in their everyday lives.


Michelle is an expert communicator who will talk about , "​Life Beyond the Resume: Experiencing Purpose Without Limits"

Sharon Bolt is a publicity expert and founder of Get Free Publicity Today. She has contributed to more than 40 different local and national newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations and has received over £1 million ($1.5 million) in free publicity and free advertising. She is also the co-author of 2 highly acclaimed books called 'Successful Women in Business' and 'Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Running Your Own Business.'

Although she maintains her regular dog training slot on BBC Radio and media commitments, her focus nowadays is on teaching startups, business owners and entrepreneurs how to build a brand, increase visibility and generate sales by cleverly using free publicity.

Women often experience a loss of identity, lack of direction, disconnection from their body, lack of intimacy with their partner and themselves at some stage of their lives. This can trigger  physical problems like PMS, cravings, mood swings, weight gain, low self esteem, lack of energy/libido,  direction and cause relationship issues.

Gabriella has a solution for all these issues and helps women to reconnect with their body and cycle to improve their life quality.

She is an author, speaker, visionary and coach who helps women to gain confidence, authority and fulfillment in life by knowing better their body.

At present she is learning to fly gliders in order to gain a different perspective on the world  and become a real 'Flying Inspiration'!

Davian Clarke

Mortgage Investment Specialist

Body Transformation Coach Camille once topped the scales at over 240 pounds!

“I know how it feels to try every diet under the sun and not be successful. Was there something wrong with the diet? Why couldn’t I stick to a weight loss plan? It was when I met a celebrity fitness trainer who worked with Nike and trained professional athletes that my life changed forever. With her coaching, I learned the secrets of how to change my health and lifestyle. By being consistent, committed, and laser-focused on my goal, she was able to lose 100 pounds and landed on the cover of People Magazine, interviewed on GMA, and highlighted on ET.

Susan Bremer O’Neill, founder of Self Appeal® is an author, speaker and coach. She took an unusual and unconventional path to self-respect and self-love. She went from being a scientist to an exotic dancer at thirty-four, and in 2004 she produced the woman-empowering DVD, Striptease for Real Women.

For almost twenty years she’s helped women worldwide to stop people-pleasing and comparing themselves to others, eliminate perfectionism and stop obsessing about appearance, and transform their current relationship or find smart romance in a new one.

Colette Ellis

Author, Coach and Transformational Speaker

Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott

Shoestring Budget Business Startup Specialist

Renee is a CEO of her own company, a single mother, and twice divorced. Jade and Wilnona own two businesses togetherJo is 26 and is in her first year of owning her own business and Kay has a startup

They all have proven that they can master the balancing act of family, social obligations, divorces, starting and operating businesses and more! Let them show you how you can too.

Amanda Dobra Hope is a vision-holder, bridge builder, evolutionary teacher, author, and holistic life coach.  

She assists her clients by holding the sacred container for them to find their authentic self, enabling them to then decide how they really want to show up in the world.  Skilled in guiding her clients through the self-discovery process, Amanda excels at meeting each client where they are at, holding them safe, and showing them where their true brilliance lies.

In 2008, she transitioned from ten years as a dance studio owner and almost twenty years as a dance teacher, to the new calling that was bursting out of her.  

Marianne Pestana

Literary Publicist, Social Media Strategist, Business & Leadership Coach

Ed Daube, Ph.D. is a bestselling Amazon author, college professor, speaker, and retired senior psychologist/trainer with the State of California.  
Dr. Daube is also known as The Emotions Doctor and has written two books designed to teach others how to understand and master their emotions.

Following a post on a Professional Woman’s Network on LinkedIn, Dr. Daube became interested in the damaging messages that men in professional settings give women about anger. Exploring a little further, he found that women may also give themselves inhibiting messages about the legitimate expression of anger in a variety of settings. When it comes to anger, these messages can become problematic by inhibiting women from achieving their goals in both business and life. 

Diana Todd-Banks

Maturepreneur and motivational extraordinaire!

Grab Grace's Grant Fishing Bonus

CEO, Grace-Anne Alfiero, MFA founded  Arts In Action in 1999.

Considered an expert in the non profit industry, Grace-Anne Alfiero, MFA, is uniquely qualified to consult with tax-exempt businesses and corporations. Alfiero has logged over 20 years of advocacy and leadership work in the field of services for persons with disabilities, marginalized populations and in the cultural arts industry. 

Alfiero has penned more than 400 grant applications and has been awarded over 6.5 million dollars in grant funds in her tenure as an as a grant writer for several clients throughout America.

Grab Grace's Grant Fishing here!

Dr. Asha Prasad is the creator of the Prasad Method™. Dr. Asha grew up with a strong Eastern background in a western culture, raised in North Carolina. This presented a constant source of conflict in her life. Yet, learning how to take such opposites and integrate them, weaving them together to create unification became her mode of survival.

For the last 18 years, Dr. Prasad has been one of the most sought after alternative health professionals and has built a full practice that integrates ancient wisdom with modern medicine. She helps high achievers create and maintain true health.

Bestselling author of Moments: Magic, Miracles, and Martinis. 

She is SVP of a Fortune 500 company, is a single parent and keynote speaker. She's going to bring with her year of insight and share her secrets on the Disciplines of Powerful Leadership and the Impact on Culture​.

Laurie Burton is an internationally recognized innovator and author who has helped thousands of people improve their ability to communicate dynamically for more success in business and in life.

Laurie’s techniques generate dramatic results in an amazingly short time, as outlined in her book, Presenting You. From one-on-one coaching, to corporate groups, Laurie promotes the use of each individual’s unique passion, energy and animation, encouraging attendees to her workshops to create effective opportunities to lead, inspire, and sell!

Ed Daube, PhD

The Emotions Doctor

Judy Lair is the owner of Strategic Impact Coaching. She is a Certified Coach Practitioner with certifications as a Certified Business Coach and Certified Life Coach. Judy has operated a successful private practice as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Ohio since 2003.

Owning her own business means Judy wears many hats and has overcome many challenges. She has shown an exceptional ability to balance strategic and relational priorities and responsibilities in order to provide excellent service to clients and reach personal goals.

Alex Okoroji is a Nigerian Actress, Writer, TV Personality, Talk Radio Host, Speaker, Author, Podcaster & Self-help Mentor with over 10 years of professional experience as a Media Personality, Content Creator & Creative Entrepreneur. She is the Founder of THE NAKED MOVEMENT.

Veronica Hislop

Life-Relationship Coach

La Resa Edwards is a firm spiritualist and political strategist. She's a grassroots expert and plans to run  for President.!

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Linda F. Williams, MSW

Clarfying the Branding Confusion: Finding Your Voice

Tamar Lucien

Grant Writer Exraordinaire

Nadine Haupt

The Breakthrough Strategist

Emily Nichols-Mitchell

Empowerment and Transformational Coach

Irene Hogan

Stress in the bedroom leads to stress in the boardroom

Susan Bremer-O'Neill

Speaker, author and empowerment coach

Amanda Dobra Hope

Work/Life Balance and Love Yourself

Wally Olopade

Business Acquisition Specialist

Wally Olopade is a business acquisition specialist who has started and acquired multiple companies with his wife for over 11 years.  After losing all his startup businesses during the Great Recession of 2008, Wally and his wife shifted from startups to the acquisitions of successful and profitable companies and continue to do so till this very day.  He also speaks and coaches others on how to grow and beat the odds of the daily grind that gets most entrepreneurs nowhere.

He volunteers with a non-profit organization that helps business owner grow their business and his knowledge and expertise has been featured on Yahoo finance and numerous radio shows.

Tasha M. Scott is a transformational speaker, certified Life Coach for women in business, workshop leader, entrepreneur, author and a Huffington Post blogger. She is a wife and mom and the founder of the "Don't Limit Me" and WomenCONNECT™ movements. She owns two thriving businesses, Scott Realtime reporting LLC and Tasha M. Scott.com where she motivates and encourages women entrepreneurs.

Emily Herrick

Private Yoga Instructor & Spaciousness Mentor

Cailen Ascher

The Mindset of Success

Briana Cavanaugh

Financial Educator for Small Business Owners and Women

Dr. Scott comes to the table with expertise to serve as a consultant to authors, educators, and business owners.

She will be focusing on her consultation services to businesswomen as she teaches about networking, effectively communicating, , .how to juggle home and business...and more!

Kay Sanders

The Jump Start Coach

Dr. Wright recently taught at Dallas Start Up Week 2016. She then traveled to Maui on an open invitation to be present & speak to the participants for Maui and Oahu StartUp Week 2016.
She launched and runs the Crowdfunding Academy. There she helps individuals learn everything required to run and reach their Crowdfunding goals.

Amy Van Atta Slater

Bestselling Author & SVP of a Fortune 500 company

Lisa Guice is the CEO of Lisa Guice Global Vision, LLC and Prettie Girl Enterprises, LLC (Prettie Girl). After noticing a lack of positive images in the media and a decline in her daughter’s self-esteem due to being the target of bullying, she embarked on a journey to live out her true passion of uplifting others and teaching them how to solidify a positive relationship with the most valuable person there is, YOU. 

Lisa's women’s division of (Prettie Girl) called Women Reign Network™ provides a true supportive sisterhood and focuses on empowering women to walk bold in their lives and businesses by moving from their Pain, to their Purpose, and into their Power™.

Maura Sweeney is the officially trademarked Ambassador of Happiness. Featured on NBC-TV, Britain's BBC and over 100 media outlets in the U.S. and abroad, Maura is also a lecturer on topics of Influence and Leadership. Engaged in a vocation she says required a half century of preparation, Maura now inspires others to become their biggest, happiest and most authentic selves. The former corporate manager, business co-owner and home schooling mom has traveled to nearly 60 countries. An endorsed coach recommended by Law of Attraction magazine, Maura recently released Foundations of Happiness, a multi-media, self-study course helping improve their emotional intelligence and find their way to personal happiness.

And We Thought

Keeping All the Balls in the Air - Life Balance Specialists

She has been credited with creating marketing campaigns responsible for more than $1 billion in global sales. Her laser focus is sought out by other CEOs and CMOs launch their own initiatives.

She is a sought-after speaker and business coach in the direct to consumer marketing industry and female entrepreneurship. In addition to her newest book Brains, Boobs, & Balls: Life Lessons Any Female Entrepreneur Can Follow, she also co-authored The Billion Dollar Box for direct marketers, a children’s book on bullying called The Bully Monster, in addition to a health and nutrition book for E!’s Dr. 90210 TV personality, plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Rey called Body by Rey.

Satayata Home founded by Jo Baldwin Trott And Lesley Beattie.

Satayata is a derivative of the Hindi word 'Satyata' meaning truth, authenticity which is what we help our clients find.

Experts in their fields of personal styling and colour and decluttering they help their clients let go of past lives, jobs even relationships and help them embrace the who they are now.  We recreate their style and image and help clear their homes enabling them to move on and feel great about their home and their image.

Come learn how having a cluttered office, workspace, wardrobe and home can hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams and can hold you in a time or place that doesn't truly serve you.

Clearing these areas and having a wardrobe full of clothes you love wearing that suit you and your lifestyle now will allow you to feel positive about yourself and also your business.

Want to perform at your highest level? If you're seeking a massive shift to transform your business or personal life for lifelong success, meet thought leader, consultant, international speaker and published author, S.T. Wilkinson.

Discover how to save precious time, money and energy by clearly identifying and immediately dealing with the root cause of whatever holds you back.

With over 25 years in professional coaching, international business and profound life experience in various cultures, languages, mindsets and religions across four continents, Wilkinson has helped thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations achieve tangible and measurable results in a short period of time.

Maura Sweeney

Finding, Mining and Building the Bigger You - Identity, Branding and Influence s

Joy Baldwin-Trott & Leslie Beattie

Personal Branding and Decluttering Your Space for Prosperity 

As a researcher at NIH, she suggested studying Highly Successful People (HPSs) instead of ill and dysfunctional ones. Her colleagues all laughed but in the background of her life as a working mom raising two daughters, she spent the next two decades shadowing outstanding individuals. She discovered they were using 10 easy-to-learn Success Skills...even though they didn’t realize it. Next she developed formats for teaching their skills. she facilitated the first Technology of Success public seminar in Miami FL in 1985. Months later, HR departments started calling. They were seeing significant improvements in the performance and attitudes of employees who attended her seminar and asked me to present

Loren Weisman organizes, optimizes and implements individualized branding, marketing and content plans for start up and established businesses as well as individual clients and entrepreneurs. Loren is the host of iHeartRadio’s “Wait What Really OK” as well as a managing partner and co-founder of Leveraging Smart Inc.

Charlie Fusco

Successful CEO, Award-winning marketing strategist, & Author 

Lisa Grunden is the Founder of Your Limitless Potential, the host of Personal Development on Profitability Revolution and has appeared on numerous TV stations throughout the United States and Qatar. 

She’s lived in several countries and is a little bit corporate, a little bit woo woo and everything in between.  She’s worked with clients on over five different continents to release F.E.A.R, reclaim their inner S.A.S.S. and unleash their Limitless Potential. Remember, “You Can Only Do This Right”!

Reggie Padin

Business startup and nonprofit specialist

Miste Anders

Master Certified Life Coach and Stress Strategist 

Scott Schmaren

Creating the Vision of Success...And Making it Reality!

Tarah Long

"The Health Alchemist"

Judi Moreo

One of the most recognized personal growth trainers and coaches in the world

Phoebe Yerian Ezell started information packaging from an early age.  With a strong family background in educational television production and publishing; creative design and instructional writing is second nature to her.  Phoebe lives for good, clean and simple design, no matter the medium.  She also has a passionate love of nature and organic design.

A slightly unconventional childhood wrapped in a very unconventional education helped her foster a love for strong communication and design.  

Davian Clarke joined Tax and Homes January of 2009, where he currently serves as a managing partner in the business, Davian’s role within the company is to source off market performing and non-performing assets for individual investors as well as institutional investors.

Prior to his function as Managing Member, Davian had the task of modifying approximately 25 million dollars worth of mortgages for individuals whom were faced with foreclosure. Davian also serves as a civil mediator for the state of New Jersey, with experience of settling over 200 cases which involved a mixture of residential foreclosure matters as well as civil disputes.

Kathryn Kemp-Guylay

Wellness Coaching

Els Pontin

Creative Business Coach

Cailen Ascher is a Clarity Coach for women entrepreneurs & coaches. She helps her clients get business clarity by working on their vision, mindset and plan for success. Cailen’s been featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur on Fire, The Huffington Post and was the 2014 Gold Stevie Award winner for Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year. Her coaching and teachings have helped 1000s gain Business Clarity.

Kamille Dawn Tirzah

Celebrity Medical Weight Loss Specialist and Consultant

Diana’s been on television, radio etc., for several decades. Now in her very mature years, she’s focusing on the over 50’s market – helping them to create a new life.

There was a time in her life where she was living on $1 a day; recently separated from my husband and living in a foreign country, and needed some goals to keep her motivated. She persevered; then after years in international business, she had a massive health setback and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, not being able to walk or speak for 6 months. She was living on her own and was terrified. But again she had a goal.

It was because of her goals that she’s combined her 40+ years of work and life experiences with Life Change skills to help others.

This Gold Coast in Queensland Australia resident is launching a program - Maturepreneurs Talk – soon. It’s where people in this age group will find enormous resources, mentors and concepts to help them create a new future – even a micro enterprise that will take them through the next decade or so of their life.

As a Life-Relationship Coach, Veronica works with  stressed, overwhelmed clients   who are struggling with toxic relationships. Her presentations, workshops and coaching programs help her clients to REDISCOVER who they are, REINVEST in what is important to them, RECREATE new and different ways of interacting that honor the self and boost self-esteem.  

Veronica not only helps her clients to prioritize and determine their needs, she helps them to  find their voice and stand in their own   personal power.

Briana is a financial educator for small business owners focusing on women and getting solopenerus over the 6 figure gap.
Briana’s personal mission is to end financial strife in the world, starting in the United States.

She has a vision of financial peace and the social change that flows from that and her work is based deeply on loving yourself and having compassion for yourself first. he works to end entrepreneurial isolation and is committed to helping people get money out of their way so that they can live their passions and make the world a better place.

Miste with an “E” and E stands for energy, enthusiasm and excitement. Miste’s areas of speciality are: Stress Reduction, Goal Setting, Life Transitions, Movement and Empowerment.

Contributor and Bestselling Author to “Cultivating Your It Factor: 14 Must Haves to Discover, Define and Refine Your Signature Brand”. She's a Second Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, teacher of Tai Chi Chuan Yang style, an All American in Track and Field in the 1500mwith a personal record of 4 minutes and 27 seconds and a near decade of Hawaiian hula dancing as well as Tahitian dancing. 

Marianne was a former VP of Sales for a brokerage before launching her own highly successful business and brand. Now she is a top radio show host at Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network & WMEX 1510AM Boston, highly sought after literary publicist, social media strategist, business and leadership coach.

Marianne will be dazzling attendees as she shows you "How to Stand Out With a Targeted Marketing Strategy!"

Loren  Weisman

Business advisor, speaker & author

Nadine Haupt - "The Breakthrough Strategist" - teaches motivated and results-driven entrepreneurs how to break through barriers and accelerate their impact and income substantially using a structured, strategic, and authentic approach to client attraction and business development.
Through professional speaking, private and group coaching and mentoring using the proprietary "Speak More, Sell More Blueprint," Nadine shows them how to generate leads, make more money, and enjoy massive results to create freedom, flexibility, and financial independence.  Her book, "Fall In Love With Monday Mornings," was released in June 2015.

Susan Marshall is a 20-plus year technology veteran who's been deeply involved in the rapid evolution of digital video, audio, mobile, social and data management technologies.
In 2015, Susan co-founded Torchlite Marketing, a SaaS Marketplace that connects businesses to digital marketing experts who develop, manage and execute campaigns through a collaboration platform. Torchlite is the only platform that helps companies manage, collaborate with and evaluate that talent all in one place.

Kay is a nationally-recognized Business Coach, Bestselling Author, and licensed Get Clients Now! Facilitator.  
She specializes in helping coaches, consultants, and other service professionals, to Grow their business with the right Systems and Strategies to put their sales and lead generation on autopilot. This includes their online marketing, lead generation, and business management strategies. Kay helps them not only make sense of all the different tools, strategies and resources that are available, but also helps them choose and implement the right strategies for their business needs. 

Irene helps women survive and thrive through menopause and beyond.

Stressed tired and losing your memory is not a good way to run a business. As a menopause expert and pharmacist she helps women be calm cool and collected in the boardroom and beyond,while staying hot and sassy.With an integrated approach I use lifestyles,natural medicine and bio-identical hormones to bring balance to a woman's life.

Click on the play button to access session.

Carla Preyer

Personal Branding Coach & Entrepreneur

Susan Marshall

Women in Tech; Startups and Entrepreneurship specialist

Susan Ford Collins

Life-Relationship Coach

Sharon Bolt

Publicity Expert

Colette Ellis is an author, coach and transformational speaker on mindfulness, motivation, and workplace stress. She is contributing author to Transform Your Life With One Call: America's Top Life Coaches Reveal What You Need to Know in which she shares the benefits of executive coaching and debunks common coaching myths. Her book Focus on Your Vision helps readers clarify priorities and optimize their work-life balance.

As founder of InStep Consulting,

Colette has traveled the globe facilitating personal growth and professional training for leaders from countries including Australia, Botswana, Bulgaria, Chile, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, and Vietnam.

Maggie Georgopolous

Turning Transferable Skills into Entrepreneurial Gold 

Lisa Guice

Tapping into your Greatness and S.O.A.R.

MentalHappy was born out of Founder and CEO Tamar Lucien’s struggle to overcome depression. After grappling with one of life’s lows, she vowed to never let her circumstance determine her disposition. The experience taught her that when we dwell on the mishaps of everyday life, we invite negativity into our reality. In a moment of clarity, Tamar realized that her struggle was not in vein--it became a catalyst for inspiration and change.

In a moment of clarity, Tamar realized that her struggle was not in vain--it became a catalyst for inspiration and change. She sought individuals that shared the same passion for spreading happiness and assembled a team of five dedicated specialists that would later become MentalHappy.  She hopes in her work at MentalHappy she can bring deeper understanding to the miseries surrounding human emotions and social interactions. 

Judy Lair

Personal and Business Goal Attainment Specialist

Jay is an Internationally recognized Strength and Conditioning Specialist who has owned/operated two fitness facilities and his own online training system, which combined has trained over 3,200 students in the span of 5 years.

He is currently on a mission to empower working moms mentally, physically and emotionally throughout their fitness journey, even if they don't have time for the gym

Phoebe Ezell

Information Packaging

Design Specialist

Jay Kali

Using fitness to empower working moms

Linda F. Williams, MSW CCLC CPLC is a Certified Personal and Professional Life Coach, trained psychotherapist, behaviorist, motivational speaker and Award Winning Change Agent. She is founder of Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching Services and creator of The Whose Apple Dynamic. She is author of Whose Apple is it, Anyway: Empowering Purpose to Achieve Your God-Ordained Destiny and Too True to Tell (Why What We Don’t Say is Leading Us Down the Path of Stolen Vision).

Dr. Reggie R. Padin’s mission is all about helping people overcome their “Dumpster Moments” and go beyond their limitations. From 1996 to 2006, Dr. Padin served as an ordained minister in two inner city churches in Pennsylvania and Michigan, providing people in those communities with educational, career training, ESL, and GED preparation programs in order to enhance their lives.

In June of 1995, Dr. John Gray, author of the Mars Venus world, called Janice Hoffman, asking her to be personally trained as his 1st Mars Venus Facilitator. Since that day, Janice has trained hundreds of Mars Venus Facilitators & Mars Venus Workshops.
What makes Janice unique is her relationship with Dr. John Gray. She quickly became the Training Director for the Mars Venus Institute, training 550 Mars Venus Facilitators worldwide.
Today, Janice works with Dr Gray, integrating brain chemistry research with relationships.

Zaza  Giroday

Mortgage Investment Specialist

Tasha M. Scott

Transformational Speaker and motivational Coach 

Maggie is the Leading Global authority on career development for women in male dominated industries. She is the author of the upcoming book, Up the Ladder in a Skirt, which is hailed as the book for women in challenging roles globally.

A mechanical engineer who climbed to the top of the leadership ladder, Maggie was the executive chairman of a large agricultural company, responsible for the 75% increase in the retention of staff through career development pathways, by the age of 32. Maggie is a sought after consultant in oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing and automotive industries. Having achieved goals such as being the youngest member of the plastics pioneers education initiative which went into companies such as Monsanto and Nylex.

She has directly impacted the career choices and progress of over 10,000 women in over 32 countries around the world.

She is the Relationship Advisor for the California Women’s Conference, strategic partner for Women Network, best-selling author to ‘Secrets to a Kickass Marriage’, and host of, ‘The Ultimate Relationship Show’ and co-host of the international broadcast ‘Moxie No.5’.  She’s been a featured expert on YourTango, SheKnows, Fox News, and many other publications.

Midori holds a degree in Communications from the University of California, Davis, with a focus on Sociology.

Judi is the President of Turning Point International, a training and development company, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has spoken to over 3000 audiences and has received many awards including the Las Vegas Woman of Achievement Award and the Nevada Business Person of the Year

She moved to South Africa to become the Group Promotions Manager for 24 newspapers, 2 television stations, and 1 radio station. Now she's back in the States and is the author of 11 books including 2 international bestsellers, “You Are More Than Enough” and “Conquer the Brain Drain” as well as the editor of "Choices" magazine..

Grace-Anne Alfiero

Grant Writer Exraordinaire

S.T. Wilkinson

Author, Consultant, International Speaker & Top Coach