​​​​​Here’s the schedule for the 2016 WVSS. Just click on the person’s name and you’ll be taken into the private summit rooms to view or listen to them.Remember you need a VIP All Access Pass you will be able to replay the LIVE sessions after they’ve happened and access the BONUS sessions and materials.

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

  • ​6AM  Susan Marshall - Women in tech; the gig economy    
  • 7AM Marianne Pestana -  How to Stand Out With a Targeted Marketing Strategy     
  • 8AM  ST Wilkinson - 'Obstacle Buster ™ - How to create big and bold shifts for lifelong success'    
  • 9AM  Sharon Bolt - How to attract your ideal customers, charge premium prices & instantly position yourself as a leading authority by              cleverly using free publicity.    
  • 9AM  Tasha Scott - Catapult Your Business Growth with 3 Proven Strategies    
  • 10AM    Maura Sweeney - Finding, Mining and Building the Bigger You - Identity, Branding and Influence    
  • 10AM    Stephanie Barko - Publishing Your Expertise    
  • 11AM    Lisa Guice - How to Tap into your Greatness and S.O.A.R    
  • 11AM    Michael Cox – Creating Your Successful Website and Beyond    
  • 12PM    Davian Clarke - Investing in Mortgage Notes    
  • 12PM    Dr. Mary Wingo - The Impact of the Human Stress Response in Modern Times    
  • 1PM    Emily Nichols Mitchell - The Transformation Moving From Entrepreneur to CEO Using a Powerful Brand Bonus Session
  • 1PM     Loren  Weisman - Engaging, Posting, Optimizing, Selling & Marketing Online    
  • 1:30PM  Calien Ascher - The Mindset of Success    
  • 3PM     Heather Ann Havenwood -  From Bankruptcy to Sexy Boss™    
  • 4PM    Amanda Dobra Hope - How to Achieve Work/Life Balance and Love Yourself Through the Process    
  • 5PM    Janice Hoffman - Success Without Sacrifice -- How to Rise To the Top Without Putting Yourself at the Bottom 

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

  • 6AM   Tamar Lucien  - How to Find and Convert You First Customer or Client 
  • 7AM   Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott - The Multi-tasked Businesswoman-Significant Other, Mother, & a Senior's Caregiver--Surviving &                       Thriving! Bonus Session   
  • 7AM    Wally Olopade – Why You Should Buy a Profitable Business    
  • 8AM    Amy Van Atta Slater - Disciplines of Powerful Leadership and the Impact on Culture    
  • 8AM    Judi Moreo - How to Succeed in a Competitive Environment    
  • 9AM    Dr. Aixa Goodrich - Manifest Your Epic Life
  • 9AM     Alex Okoroji - The NAKED Road to Success: Challenge, Creativity & Reinvention...    
  • 10AM    Gabriella Guglielminotti - How to live a life following your feminine flow    
  • 11AM    Jay Kali - The Secrets To Lose Weight Fast    
  • 11AM    Scott Schmaren - Creating the Vision of Success in Your Business and Personal Life...And Making it Reality!    
  • 12PM    Colette Ellis - Start WELL to Live WELL    
  • 12PM    Ruth King - How to price for profit    
  • 12PM    Susan Bremer O’Neill - Love Your Body, Change Your Life    
  • 1PM    Michelle Curtis-Bailey - Life Beyond the Resume: Experiencing Purpose Without Limits    
  •  3PM    Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott - How to Run a Company on a Shoestring Budget with No Shoes…   
  • 4PM    Judy Lair - Limiting Beliefs vs. Legitimate Barriers
  • 5PM    Linda F. Williams MSW - Clarifying the Branding Confusion: Finding Your Voice    
  • 6PM  Kathryn Kemp Guylay - I hope I screw this up!  Learning to embrace failures as stepping stones to success for your entrepreneurial endeavors    

Sunday, September 4th, 2016

  • 8AM     Pilar Ortiz -  Think Like a Reporter: How To Pitch Yourself To The Media (And Actually Get Them To Call You Back)
  • 9AM    Lisa Fitzpatrick - How to Achieve Sustainability and Balance in a World that's Overwhelmed 
  • 10AM    Carla Preyer – Beauty in Business from the Inside Out!    
  • 10AM    Midori Verity - Raising a Business and Family | How to Not Lose Your Mind    
  • 11AM    Veronica Hislop - Managing Your Stress Making Sense of the Mess    
  • 12PM    Miste Anders - STRESS means Stand Tall Regardlessly Embracing Survival and Strength. Some stress reduction tips            
  • 1PM    Zaza Giroday - Get More Clients With Media Exposure 
  • 1PM   Emily Herrick - Creating space for what matters      ​  
  • 3 PM    Susan Ford Collins – Are You Using All 10 Success Skills?    
  • 4PM    Kamille Dawn Tirzah  - Your Body Is Your Business    
  • 4PM    Phoebe Ezell – Website 101    
  • 5PM    Diana Todd-Banks - What's Holding You Back From Moving Forward?

Monday, September 5th, 2016

  • 8AM     Jo Baldwin-trott– Decluttering Your Life for a New Business Path
  • 9AM    Charlie Fusco - Finance your life; business and be debt free.
  • 10AM   Briana Cavanaugh – How to End Financial Future Damage Cycles.    
  • 11AM   Grace-Anne Alfiero - Grant Fishing and Writing for the Non-Profit & the For-Profit World!   
  • 12PM    Laurie Burton - Personality Workout    
  • 1PM    La Resa Edwards – Get a Head Start on Future Completion by Learning Exactly How to Structure your Business Module
  • 2PM    Tarah Long -   Healing Anxiety with Heart
  • 3PM    Maggie Georgopoulos - Up the Ladder in a Skirt   
  • 4PM    Iolande V. Argent - Tax Planning: How to Keep Your Money Legally Keynote
  • 5PM  Kim Lambert – Why Your Words Matter to Your Business Success

Bonus Presenters

Prerecorded experts - 

Dr. Reggie R. Padin - Get Out of the Dumpster - Overcoming Limitations 
Lucia Roth – Working at home successfully 

Nadine Haupt - Turbo-Charge Your Sales:  Attract Ideal Prospects and Make More Money with EASE      

​And We Thought - Keeping All the Balls in the Air(Life Balance) 

Irene Hogan - Stress in the bedroom leads to stress in the boardroom    
Ed. Daube, PhD - Women entrepreneurs: Emotions, Business and Family 

Emily Nichols Mitchell -  The 5 Critical Components of a Personal Brand to Get New Clients and Have a Profitable 6 and 7 Figure Business 

Lisa Grunden - Release F.E.A.R, Reclaim your Inner S.A.S.S. and Unleash their Limitless Potential Prerecorded 

Els Pontin - Move to Action in Your Business 

Dr. Letticia Wright – Crowdfunding 101- Funding the DREAM    

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Session Schedule

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